Bill Tracker

  • SB0004Passed/Signed, Chapter 340
    Minority Business Enterprises – Program Participation – Requirements and Reauthorization
    Synopsis: To re-authorize the State’s Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program for five years, and require MBE’s serving as subcontractors on state-funded contracts to submit documentation regarding their participation directly to the state procurement officer.
     Committee: SENATE - Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs
  • SB0109​ / HB0283 Passed/Signed, Chapter 341
    Procurement - Prohibitions on Participation

    Synopsis: Establishes that existing provisions which prevent participation in State procurements under specified circumstances apply for at least two years from the date of the first relevant invitation for bids (IFB) or request for proposals (RFP) until the later of either: (1) two years from the date of issuance, or (2) the awarding of a contract or reissuance of the IFB or RFP.
    Committee: SENATE - Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs; HOUSE - Health and Government Operations
  • SB0309 / HB0433 - Passed
    State Finance and Procurement - Small and Minority Business Participation

    Synopsis: Expands the Small Business Reserve (SBR) Program from 23 agencies to 70 agencies/departments, increases the set aside for SBR vendors from 10% to 15%, and only counts procurements that are set aside for SBR vendors. It also clarifies what constitutes "good cause" for the removal of a named MBE subcontractor.
    Committee: SENATE - Education, Health and Environmental Affairs; HOUSE - Health and Government Operations
  • SB0310 / HB390 - Passed
    Improving the State Procurement Oversight Structure
    Synopsis: Renames the Procurement Advisory Council, alters the membership, and expands its duties.
    Committee: HOUSE - Health and Government Operations; SENATE - Education, Helath, and Environmental Affairs
  • SB0311 / HB0426 - Passed
    Promoting Efficiencies in State Procurement

    Synopsis: Increasing the small procurement dollar threshold from $25,000 to $50,000 and expanding the types of procurement vehicles state buyers may use. Create a streamlined procurement process for information technology services.
    Committee: SENATE - Education, Health and Environmental Affairs; HOUSE - Health and Government Operations
  • SB0448 / HB0823 - Passed/Signed, Chapter 82
    State Retirement and Pension System - Small Procurements - Medical Evaluations for Disability Retirement Benefits

    Synopsis: Raises the threshold for small procurements from $25,000 to $50,000 for expenses by the state retirement agency related to independent medical evaluations by a physician, and testimony by the physician at administrative hearings on behalf of the agency.
    Committee: SENATE - Budget and Taxation;
  • SB0498HB0092​ - Passed
    Video Lottery Terminals – Small, Minority, and Women–Owned Businesses 3 Account – Transfer of Authority
    Synopsis: This departmental bill transfers the authority for administering the Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Businesses Account (SMWOBA) from the Board of Public Works (BPW) to the Department of Commerce (Commerce).
     Committee: SENATE - Economic and Community Development;  HOUSE - Ways and Means
  • SB0508 - Not Passed
    Task Force to Study the Feasibility of and Impact on Small and Minority Businesses in Maryland Conducting Business Internationally
    Synopsis: This bill is designed to investigate the feasibility of partnerships between small businesses and minority businesses in Maryland and businesses in other countries.
    Committee: SENATE - Finance
  • SB0700 / HB 1506 - Passed
    Office of Minority Affairs and Interdepartmental Advisory Committee on Minority Affairs – Renaming
    Synopsis: Remnaming the Governor's Office of Minority Affairs to the Office of Small, Minority, and Women Business Affairs for the purpose of clarifying to the public that this office works exclusively with small businesses.
    Committee: SENATE - Finanace; HOUSE - Health and Government Operations
  • SB0928 / HB1185 - Not Passed
    Cannabis - Legalization
    Synopsis: Repeals specific civil and criminal prohibitions against the use and possession of marijuana, and establishes exemptions from prosecution for specified people for using, obtaining, purchasing, transporting, or possessing cannabis under specific circumstances. It also establishes exemptions from prosecution for specified retailers, cannabis product manufacturers, cannabis cultivation facilities, craft cannabis cultivators, and safety compliance facilities under specific circumstances. This bill would also prohibit certain penalties for retail sales of cannibas.
    Committee: SENATE - Judicial Proceedings​; HOUSE - Judiciary
  • SB0971 / HB0919 - Not Passed
    Nondiscrimination Clauses and State Policy Prohibiting Discrimination
    Synopsis: Prohibit discrimination in any manner by the contractor against an employee or applicant for employment because of sex, race, age, color, creed, or national origin on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry or national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or on the basis of disability or any otherwise unlawful use of characteristics regarding employment. Also if applicable, in the formation or composition of a board of directors on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry or national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or on the basis of disability.
    Committee: HOUSE - Health and Government Operations; SENATE - Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs
  • SB0999 / HB1443 - Not Passed
    Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission Reform Act
    Synopsis: This bill repaeals and reestablisehes the Medical Cannabis Commission and designates the commission to report to the Sec. Of the Department of Health and Human Services.
    Committee: SENATE - Judicial Proceedings; HOUSE - Health and Government Operation
  • SB1123 - Not Passed
    State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency - Procurements

    Synopsis: Requiring that procurements made through competitive sealed bids or competitive sealed proposals by the State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency be awarded to the responsible bidder or offeror who submits the lowest responsive bid or proposal under specified circumstances.
    Committee: Rules


  • HB001 / SB0230 - Passed
    Labor and Employment - Maryland Healthy  Workinbg Families Act
    Synopsis: Requiring paid sick and safe leave by employers with 15 mor more regular employees. Employers with 14 or fewer employees must provide paid sick and safe leave on a accrued basis.
    Committee: HOUSE - Economic Matters; SENATE - Finance
  • HB0465 - Not Passed
  •  "Earn" Apprenticeships (Expand Apprenticeship Resources Now Act)
    Synopsis: Requiring a contractor or subcontractor that works on specific construction projects to use workers that have completed or are enrolled in an apprecenticeship program, or to pay workers not less than a journeyworker's rate. A person who violates the provision may be assessed a civil penalty, upon conviction, not exceeding $20,000.
    Committee: Economic Matters
  • HB0466 - Not Passed
    Prevailing Wage - Tax Increment Financing Developments - Application

    Synopsis: Applies the prevailing wage law to structures or works constructed with bond proceeds in tax increment financing development districts to contracts executed on or after July 1, 2107.
    Committee: Economic Matters
  • HB0468 - Not Passed
    Procurement - Prevailing Wage - Application to Leased Properties

    Synopsis: Applying the prevailing wage law to construction contracts on property where the state is an owner or leasor, or plans to lease a portion of the property.
    Committee:  Economic Matters
  • HB1021 - Passed
    Reorganization of State Procurement

    Synopsis: Establishing a Chief Procurement Officer to oversee all State procurement activity for which specified provisions of law apply. Repealing the definition and role of primary procurement units and authorizing the Board of Public Works approval for procurements over $500,000.
    Committee: Health and Government Operations
  • HB0587 / SB1084 - Passed
    Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprises
    Synopsis: Repeals a requirement that a veteran-owned small business enterprise be verified by the Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Instead, it defines a “veteran-owned small business enterprise” to be any small business that is at least 51% owned by one or more individuals who are veterans, as defined by the bill.
    Committee: HOUSE - Health and Government Operations​
  • HB1446 / SB114 - Passed
    Procurement Preferences - Blind Industries and Serivces of Maryland - Janitorial Products

    Synopsis: Clarifying that the requirement that contracts issued by State entities require prime contractors to buy janitorial supplies from Blind Industries and Services of Marylany only applies when the product(s) is made or manufactured by Blind Industries.
    Committee: HOUSE - Health and Government Operations; SENATE - Rules
  • HB1510 - Withdrawn
    Procurement - Public Work Contracts - Contractor Occupational Safety and Health Requirements

    Synopsis: Requiring a prospective bidder (prime and/or sub) to include a safety and health plan for any public work contracts. Requiring the Commissioner of Labor and Industry to develop a safety and health calculation worksheet and safety and health rating system.
    Committee: Economic Matters